Development history

Guiyang Les ProLogis building materials limited company formerly known asWuhan Jiacheng huiran building materials Co. Ltd., is the founder of Mr. Xie Yuhui Department of natural stone material factory and Jiacheng stone artfactory. In order to Mr. Xie Yuhui as the core technology of the team under the leadership of the company, constantly improve the artificial stone technologyperformance index, created today's high-end industry.

The beginning of the end of 1998 test and development of domestic Jiezhuangbackground wall artificial stone stone art project.

In 1999 the establishment of KS art stone factory put into production in August,interior wall Jiezhuang artificial stone art, culture, product culture stone brick, treecore plate, embossed plate etc..

In 2000 a comprehensive listing of products, sold to Hubei, Hunan, Henan,Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other markets.

2003 for the various technical indicators of culture stone wall strengtheningyears, key products of the company of ultraviolet resistant, acid and alkali resistance, improve product strength, anti alkali, anti fade, safe construction methods etc..

In 2005, after two years of trial and error, the company successfully achieve theanti ultraviolet, products in the acid and alkali resistance, high strength, do not fade, - effect, and through the inspection authority of the state departments of qualified.

2005 began to study the product on the wall after because the resulting artificial factors Fanjian, fading and other issues and solutions.

2006 registered Wuhan Jiacheng huiran building materials limited company

Hongkong ProLogis Company Limited registered in 2008 in Hongkong, bear theculture stone and natural stone export trade business, products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries, and at the same time, Wuhan Jiacheng huiran Building Materials Co Ltd in cooperation withVanke, poly and other large real estate companies, are the consistent high praise.

2009 began the development of large size artificial stone plate, such as 200*400mm, 300*300mm, 300*600mm and other specifications, the successful development of domestic import imitation sandstone, sandstone, and stone,wood, bamboo grain, bark grain etc..

Established in 2010 second production base, in Guiyang the same year, the company successfully developed the artificial stone lines and a relief plate, and further enhance the technology, will expand the plane plate specifications to 1000mm*600mm.

In 2011 the development of large specification lines, grain, relief board, imitation stone, line the longest length 1.8 m, width of 1 metres; wood is 1.2 meters long, 1 meters wide;

In 2012, combined with the development situation in the real estate market, the overall development of imitation natural stone products, and extra insulation function, named the thermal insulation stone. There is insulation, antistatic,installation is simple, cost-effective high energy characteristics. The development of the product is recognized by many large real estate developers, and put into use in poly multiple projects. And culture stone line, wood technology to deepen.

In 2013 the thermal insulation stone series products of the technical indicators to further improve, while the development of gold Ma, imported Beige 36 imitation stone products, the effect is comparable with imported natural stone.

The same year, the company has achieved great success in large size flat paneldevelopment, the successful development of 10 m *3.5 m PC can beprefabricated wallboard, culture stone and thermal insulation stone combined with precast wallboard in PC, also successfully developed a 5 m *1.5 m, wall relief board seven Stars Hotel and the thickness of 5 cm of the museum.

In 2014, Mr. Xie Yuhui formally Hongkong ProLogis Company Limited signed to return to Guiyang, the establishment of Guiyang rice ProLogis building materials limited company.